A Photographic Investigation of Tehran's Light Pollution from North and East Directions


1 M.Sc. student of Natural Resources and Environment at Islamic Azad University, Damavand Branch.

2 Qom University of Technology


Tehran is the most affected town by light pollution in Iran. In this study, the role of the regional topography in the distribution of light pollution in Tehran was evaluated using digital images recording and analyzing the obtained images from Tehran sky-glow by East and South in standard image-processing Software. The scale of Tehran's glowing =dome as measured by 17 mag/arc sec2 or 0.017 cd/m2 by South, and 18.7 (mag/arc sec2) or 0.0035 cd/m2 by East. Considering the approximately equal distance of the two viewpoints from the center of Tehran city, the calculated scale by South is 1.36 times larger than the amount from the East point.