Investigation of the relation between visual pollution and citizenry health in the city of Tehran (case study: municipality districts No.1 & 12 of Tehran)

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1 Department of environment, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Environmental pollution engineering, College of Technical and Engineering faculty, Islamic Azad university, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Environment, College of Technical and Engineering faculty, Islamic Azad university, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran



Background and Aim: Visual contamination is a kind of environmental pollution that over time, its effects and consequences are increasing, and this pollution may gradually provide a good ground for nerve stress and psychological problems. Method: In this study, we tried to study the status of visual contamination and its impact on the health of citizens in two urban areas of one and twelve using the distribution of questionnaires and field method. Results: The results of the analysis of the data obtained from the questionnaire revealed a significant relationship between visual contamination and four health indicators of citizens including physical signs, social function, anxiety, insomnia and depression. This means that wherever the pollution is higher, the health of citizens is at a lower level. Conclusion: Accordingly, the average index of physical symptoms and anxiety - insomnia in district 1 in a healthy condition and in the twelve region is in a mild injury situation. Also, the average social function index and depression in both regions indicate mild injury and favorable health status in them, and overall, the results indicate that the general health of District 1 in desirable situation and the twelve regions are in an unfavorable situation.


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Volume 3, Issue 1 - Serial Number 4
February 2019
Pages 1-10
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