Effect of pollution on the ECO phytocenological assessment of Thymus caucasicus (Lamiaceae lindl.) populations in the territory of eastern Azerbaijan, Ardabil

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Department of botani, azerbaijan national academy of sciences , baku, azerbaijan



Ecological and phytocenological assessments of 3 populations of Thymus caucasicus L. species were carried out in Ardabil. Classification of Th.caucasicus phytocenose on ecological groups were developed for the first time. In the result, the associations and their floristic composition and ecology were identified. Age, efficiency, aging indexes were appointed during cenological assessments of the Th.caucasicus formations. 3 natural cenopopulation of Th.caucasicus species were assessed, cenological situation studied in the territory, in 2013-2015 years and it was found that the 1st and 3rd populations were transition, 2nd was mature in 2013, in 2014, 1st was young, 2 nd and 3rd were mature, 1st and 2nd were young in 3rd was mature in 2015. Analysis of the parameters of population illustrated that restoration is higher in 1st and 2nd cenopopulation in 2015 rather than in 2013 - 2014.degradation of pasture to be casued that thymus population distrbution were significance decreased in the ardabil proviense.


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February 2019
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