The Wastewater Quality of the Combined Cycle Power Plant of Montazer Ghaem for Re-using In Agriculture

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When the source of irrigation water is wastewater, then there are concerns about the pollution of crop products, the contact of farm workers with pathogens and environmental tensions on the farm''s surface. The purpose of this applied research was to investigate the quality of the wastewater of the combined cycle plant of Montazer Ghaem for re-using in agriculture. In this study, the characteristics of inlet wastewater and outlet effluent from the urban wastewater treatment plant of Montazer Ghaem were investigated based on the statistics of the period of operation and sampling. During the study, the effects of the medium –term usage on the physical and chemical properties of the soil and several plants affected by this water were studied. For this purpose,three samples from the inlet wastewater and three samples of outlet effluents of the treatment plants were provided and 11 sewage quality parameters were tested. Also, three soil samples were prepared from 0 to 30 cm depths from adjacent lands under irrigation with wastewater and a control sample and their physical and chemical properties were determined. Analysis of the changes in the physicochemical parameters showed that, except for the pH which was approximately constant, all parameters including EC, TDS, COD, BOD, turbidity, fat, oil, heavy metals (Fe, Ni, Cr, Cd, Cu, V) in the inlet wastewater were decreased after refining and leaving the treatment plant. However, some of the parameters were higher than standard levels which indicate the improper performance of the refineries in the removal of physico-chemical contaminants


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February 2019
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