Optimal location of electrical generation from urban solid waste for biomass power plants

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1 department of mechanics, islamic azad university, germi, iran

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrekord Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord, Iran

3 Department of mathematics, Germi Branch, Islamic Azad University, Germi, Iran.



Today, with the increase in population, the use of fossil fuels has also increased, On the other hand, this increase in population has led to the production of more urban waste, which is itself the source of environmental pollution. One of the ways to reduce waste pollution is to use it to generate useful energy such as electricity, which reduces pollution and provides part of the required electrical load. In this study, the study area of Hamadan city is considered to have an average urban waste production of about 420 tons/month. Homer software has been used to analyze the amount of electricity produced, and economic and environmental analysis has also been done. One of the outstanding results of the research is the production of 229,735 kW/year of electrical energy. Electricity generation with biomass resources will reduce Co2 and Co emissions by 77.2 and 7.96 kg/year, respectively. That cost of energy(COE) for this system is 0.177$/kWh.


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September 2020
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