Designing a mobile tourism program and achieving sustainable development



1 Department of Computer Engineering, Germy Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran

2 department of mechanics,Germi Branch, islamic azad university, Germi, Iran

3 Department of Information Technology, Payam e Noor University, Iran



Today, the use of mobile applications has flourished a lot. Many businesses have moved to application design to increase their relationship with customers. Iran has also made good progress in the field of application design. One of the areas that has recently been addressed in our country is the creation of applications in the field of tourism, hotels, museums and accommodation centers. The development of ecotourism as one of the most attractive types of tourism, in addition to economic, social and cultural consequences, can also have significant environmental effects. These effects will have many destructive consequences in human and natural environments and will cause environmental instability and ultimately instability of ecotourism if carelessness, lack of formulation and implementation of preventive measures in the form of strategies, standards and continuous evaluations. In this article, the design of a tourism app for zoo is considered, with features such as suggesting a route to visitor, providing images of different animals in the zoo, and offering various audio-visual services for users along with images and textual information.


Main Subjects

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Volume 5, Issue 2 - Serial Number 9
September 2021
Pages 74-84
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  • Revise Date: 24 July 2021
  • Accept Date: 13 August 2021
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